Blond Mom Moment #2

I’m counting my awesome sunburn as Blond Mom Moment #1.

• • •

I seemed to have sprained two fingers. With milk.

Here I am getting The Boy a nice, healthy glass of milk to go with his breakfast. Never mind that breakfast happened to be doughnuts that we had to walk to Albertson’s to get at 8 a.m. because I didn’t have any cinnamon rolls in the fridge like I thought I did and I promised him his choice for breakfast today.

Anyway, I figure the walking and the milk evens things out in his body. Lucky for me the Albertson’s doughnuts aren’t very good so I wasn’t tempted.

Anyway, I open the fridge and grab the almost full gallon of milk … and get hurt. I swear to you-know-who.

Now two fingers on my right hand are sore and swollen and straightening them and hold anything is painful.

So yeah, I seemed to have sprained my fingers with a gallon of milk. I know I’m not the only one who does dumb stuff like this, right? I hope.

(Rolling my eyes at myself)

I’m going back to bed now.


One thought on “Blond Mom Moment #2

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