21. In my crystal ball

I wish I could see into the future, but I can’t, so I don’t know what it holds for me. But when I close my eyes …

I see a house in a neighborhood with lots of kids. And my son is riding his bike and playing with friends. We have a yard where my dogs run and play and sun themselves. And Dina and Rocket will live forever.

I see good friends who come over to hang out and talk and laugh.

I see baseball and football games with my son.

I see annual summer trips to the beach where we play, relax, and generally do nothing.

I see nights with my family on my parents’ back patio.

I see myself migrating back into newsroom management.

I see a man whom I love and trust, and who adores me. But not anytime in the next decade, still too much healing and growing to do.

I see my son growing into a young man right before my eyes. His features sharpen, his mind grows, his smile brightens.

I see so much new technology in our lives, it’s mind boggling.

I see myself having to color my hair as the grey grows in more and more. And I see myself OK with that.

I see nights at the batting cages with my son. I see birthday parties and school events keeping us busy.

I see an aura of comfort around us.

I see us happy.

For the immediate future, though, I see NyQuil and the hope that my runny nose and sore throat will go away by morning.


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