22. Academics

Math – Ick. Not my best subject. In fact, I got my first-ever D in match in the ninth grade. And subsequently got sent back to pre-algebra. I finally completed algebra in 11th grade, and then proceeded to ace geometry my senior year. Yeah, not my most fabulous story. Oddly enough, when I got to college and took college algebra, I did fairly well.

English – Easy breezy. Enjoyed these classes the most.

Science – Biology classes fascinated me, but they always challenged me. The studying didn’t bother me so much because I was interested in it. Not so much on the physical science/chemistry side. I begged my counselor to not make me take chemistry, but I was SOL. So the fact I hated the subject matter, combined with a friend being the TA in the class and constantly distracting me, I got a D and never had to take it again.

History – Much like biology, loved the subject matter, but had to study hard to get good grades. Kicked-butt on the papers though, especially in Mr. Vincent’s government class.

And that’s that. Short and sweet, but I’ve been sick and am not feeling creative.


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