24. Make me laugh

Prompt: Words or phrases that make me laugh.

1. “That’s what she said!” I can’t explain it, but when one of my friends interjects this, it’s always really damn funny and I crack up.

2. When Christi says, “SUCKA!” She just has the most perfect timing!

3. “If it’s REALLY funny, it’s probably harassment.” This just shows my warped sense of humor :)

4. “There are elephants in the Baja 500?” Said circa 1989 and I’m still laughing my ass off! *


That just makes me giggle!

• • •

*My brother was born deaf in one ear, and remained that way up until he had surgery in his 20s. On one of our many trips to Mexico where Dad raced in the Baja 500, I asked my dad why this race was one of the biggest and most popular. He told me it was because of the “elements” in the race. About an hour later, as we’re getting into Ensenada, my brother (about 10-years-old at this time) is looking all over the place and says, “Dad, there are elephants in this race? I don’t see any anywhere.” We still ask him about those elephants every once in a while!


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