25. Worry is a PITA

Prompt: Something I’m currently worried about.

House-hunting is for the birds! Seriously!

For the past month I’ve been looking for a house. My lease is up in July and I’m done living here — high rent and now they’re hassling me about my dogs. My mom and dad are being wonderful and lending my brother and I each money for a downpayment. This comes a few months after they had “The Talk” with us. You know, the talk where they tell us about all the “final” arrangements they’ve made. Wonderful, huh? Anyway, I’m thankful.

For the past month I’ve been working with a Realtor and trying to find a house in my price-range in the area where I live now. I desperately don’t want to pull my son out of his school. Everyone keeps telling me, “That’s great! This is the perfect time to buy! This is a buyer’s market!”


This is so NOT a buyer’s market. Homes are put on the market and being sold within 2-3 days. The foreclosures and short-sales are making everything so cheap, you practically can’t afford not to buy.

I get an email alert from my Realtor every time a house that meets my criteria hits the Multiple Listing Service. After looking at it, I can click that I “Am” or “Am Not” interested. I get these emails all day, normally three to four a day. I don’t always have time to stop and look closely at them. At the absolute latest, I note my interest by 9 p.m. Many times, I get a call from my Realtor before 10 p.m. If not, I hear from her by 8 a.m. She’s setting up appointments and wants to know when I can look at the house THAT DAY. The woman works 24/7.

Here’s the kicker: Half the time those properties go “contingent” within 24 hours of hitting the market. Meaning someone got the email notice and went out to look at it right then and there and made an offer immediately. Working schlups like me don’t stand a chance.

I looked at a short-sale house a few weeks ago on a Friday. I wasn’t sure about it, but by Monday my mind had been made up for me. They accepted a cash offer for $17,000 more than the listing price over the weekend. WTH?? CASH?? To date, three of the dozen or so houses I’ve been interested in have gone to cash buyers.

I’m out looking at a house the day after it hits the MLS and they’ve already accepted an offer on it. GRRRRRR…… .

Today I looked at two houses. Unfortunately, I had to take my son with me. I hate having to take him and get him all excited about a place. The first house we saw is directly across the street from his school, has a pool, and a basement bonus-room. The second is in a different school, a few years older, but in a very quiet neighborhood with a HUGE back yard. Both came on the market Friday and already have multiple offers.

Do I even bother throwing mine in?

So I’m worried.

I’m worried I’ll miss out on the perfect house because I’m working and don’t see the email fast enough or can’t get away to look at a house.

I’m worried that I’ll have to pay month-to-month rent in my current place after my lease is up.

I’m worried I’ll have to move to a different area and put my son in a new school. It wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I’ve put him though enough already.

I’m worried that I have no business doing any of this.

I’m worried I’m making yet another mistake.

It just makes me want to eat a gallon of mint chip ice cream. But I won’t.

Tomorrow I’ll read more emails, schedule more appointments and see more houses.

And then I’ll worry some more.


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