When I become a Mega Millionaire …

When I become a Mega Millionaire (which will hopefully happen at 8 p.m.) here is what I would do with the money in order:

• Pay off my student loans.

• Pay off my parents (thanks again for the interest free loan from when I had to move because of that whole loser ex-boyfriend situation).

• Pay cash for a house near my son’s school.

• Build a pool in said house if it doesn’t already have one.

• Pay cash for another house that is more than a mile away, yet less than 10 miles away. My ex husband will live there so he can be near our son. He will pay enough rent to cover the taxes, insurance, and yard care, and to put some into an account each month to cover maintenance on the house.

• Take my family (mom, dad, Brian, me, JJ, Stacie, Mark, Grandma, Jeanie, Bill, Katie, Ryan, and girlfriends and boyfriends) to Hawaii for at least a week.

• Open a college savings account for my boy.

• Open a retirement account for me to supplement my pathetic 401(k) and my slowly eroding Gannett pension.

• Set up a trust of some sort for my boy to get when he’s 30 or 35 or something like that.

• Set a decent amount aside in my regular savings so I can travel when I want to without having to scrimp and save: Colorado at least twice a year, visit friends in Texas, Washington D.C./Virginia area, trips to Disneyland, etc … )

• Gift some to my family in a way they don’t get taxed ($500 Amazon.com giftcards for birthdays and Christmas for life?)

• Take a two month leave from work in the summer and rent a huge beach house and invite all my friends and co-workers and their kids to come and stay. Hire a few responsible teens to spend the summer there to watch and entertain the kids when needed so adults can have some time away, too.

• Donate annually to the American Diabetes Foundation in honor of my mom, my aunt, my friend Michelle S., and all the kids I know living with diabetes ( Rhiana W., Donovan Y. and Grace L.)

• Establish a journalism scholarship of some sort through the Gannett Foundation and through the Bakersfield Californian Foundation.

Yes, I would still work. My work gives me purpose. Winning the lottery gives me breathing room.

Sure would be nice, huh?


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