I am NOT a hoarder, I just miscalculated

I coupon. Judge away, I’ll wait.

I clip and print and organize and save a ton. I am no where close to being an “extreme couponer” like they show on the TV show. For starters, stores here in California don’t do double-coupons, so it’s tough to get those savings. 

But see, I have couponing rules. When I began doing this last summer, I promised myself that I would never, ever buy so much that I had to store it on counter tops like the people on the TV show. If I was out of room in the cabinets, I didn’t need to buy more.

So what if I have six rolls of aluminum foil? It’s stacked neatly in my pantry right next to the five boxes of Ziploc Bags, near the six bags of coffee I got at 80 percent off.

Anyway, I’ll get to the point. I drink one, maybe two, diet sodas a day to satisfy my afternoon sweet-tooth. I also keep some caffeine free on hand for when I want something sweet at night. I also keep 7up for when we’re sick, and occasionally some root beer or something for The Boy to drink.

With two awesome sales this week, I may have bought too much. I didn’t quite realize how much I already had.

Just a slight miscalculation. Just a blond moment.

I swear, I’m not a hoarder!

In the interest of full disclosure …

A board game got dumped all over the floor in the hall closet, so I decided to organize it.


WHY?! Why do they still make these things and WHY do I have so many of them?!?!

I am not a hoarder … I am not a hoarder … I am not a hoarder …


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