What does one do …

What does one do when she hears a rumor that her lying, cheating ex-boyfriend is engaged to one of the women he cheated on her with? 

What does one do when even after 18 months since uncovering the secrets that leveled her world, she goes through a series of emotions?

The first emotion being “WTF? How does someone as untrustworthy as him get engaged?”

Next: Laughter. “What a pair. He’s scum, and she was made aware of all his lies and she still thinks he’s The One? Ha ha, idiots.”

What does one do when after a few minutes, she realizes the final emotion is concern. Yes, a small amount of concern for the woman partially responsible for leveling her world. After all, it was just five weeks ago that he was sending text messages wanting to see her again, wanting to meet for a drink while he was in town, asking her if she still thought about him, questioning “We did some things right, didn’t we?”

The first thing she does is answer *no reply*, no, no, and obviously not.

What does one do when she wonders, as a woman, does she have a responsibility to the bride-to-be to tell her that her beloved was up to his old tricks as soon as just five weeks ago? And even without an easy way to contact her?

What does one do about the feeling that she really has no responsibility to this woman? She told her everything 18 months ago. If she chooses to not question him and trust him, she gets what she deserves, right?

What does one do when despite all that, she keeps thinking about how much his indiscretions destroyed her. How much she loved and trusted him. How long it took her to get over the pain and sadness, and how long she felt so incredibly stupid for not seeing it sooner. She knows how it felt to not be able to get out of bed, to cry every time she thought about having to do something as simple as eat dinner alone, to have to put up a stable front for her child, to shield him from the fallout of having to move to a new home.

What does one do when she doesn’t want anyone — friend or enemy — to have to go through that … to have their life stripped away like that.

What does one do if the rumor is true?


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