Mother’s Day and the single mom (You can be jealous now)

My boy made me this <3

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that I’m never really sure how to feel about. A lot of families make a big production of spoiling mom on Mother’s Day. Since it’s just my son and I, I doubt I’ll be getting a day at the spa or breakfast in bed. OK, I honestly HOPE he doesn’t try to make me breakfast in bed. That would not be good …

It’s nice to be appreciated by my son, but at 8 years-old, he kind of does that often. Just last week he came downstairs in the morning and — in a change from flopping onto the couch and trying to go back to sleep — he asked to cuddle with me.

So we did. And he told me he loved me and that he was glad I was his mom. I have no idea what brought that on, but geeze I love that kid.

He’s probably making something for me in school this week. He never thinks those little projects are special to me, but they are. I have six years of Mother’s Day gifts on my desk at work. Should I get fired or laid-off (heaven forbid), those are the only things that MUST leave the building with me, other personal effects don’t mean nearly as much.

A lot of husbands or boyfriends are the ones who plan the Mother’s Day activities or buy the gifts for their wives or girlfriends. I don’t have either of those right now, and I can say with 99 percent certainty that my ex husband isn’t taking my son out to buy a gift for me for Mother’s Day. Which is fine, I honestly don’t expect him to and it would be sort of awkward if he did.

Not too long ago I was involved in a conversation with another single-mom who was bemoaning the fact that she doesn’t have anyone who will do anything special for her on Mother’s Day.

For a split second, I thought, “Yeah, it stinks that no one does anything for me on Mother’s Day!”

Then I came to my senses.

No one is making any plans for me on Sunday. NO PLANS.

I get to do whatever I want. WHATEVER I WANT.

The day will be about me and my boy, which is what it should be, right?


So this Sunday I will call my own mom and tell her I love her, and then my son and I will spend the day together.

I will make our favorite breakfast for us. We may go to a movie. We may play with the dogs. I may just read a book in the sunshine and let him play video games all day.

I may take us both out to dinner so I don’t have to cook. Or, I may cook a huge dinner and have leftovers for lunch all week.

I don’t have to hint to anyone about a gift and hope they get it right. Maybe I’ll go buy myself a watch, I’ve been wanting one since my previous one died.

I don’t have to go anywhere or be anywhere at a certain time. There are no reservations to keep, no dinners to bring a side dish to, no restaurant crowds to battle. I can stay in my PJ’s all day if I want. Why? Because no one is making plans for me.

I can totally live with that.

Are you jealous?

• • •

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