Joy, excitement, and a serious stomach ache

OMG OMG OMG OMG, my stomach hurts.

I could be a homeowner soon. I probably will be. Yeah, I think I will be.


Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

A house where I can paint walls and plant plants without getting permission first!

My stomach is doing weird things. Excited and stressed all at the same time.

OK, Jamie … focus!

Here’s how this happened:

• Ex husband and I bought our place in Visalia (new construction) in 2002.

(May as well go back to the beginning, heh.)

• After the divorce, I kept the house and tried to refinance. Denied. Then tried to short-sell. Denied (multiple times). Eventually walked away from it effectively screwing my credit for 7 years.

• I moved to Bakersfield with No. 4, rented a house, he cheated, I moved out, been renting my townhouse for 19 months.

• They keep raising the rent. This place isn’t worth it.

• Mom and dad are looking at their assets, retirement, health issues, and lack of tax write-offs and decide they want to make sure their kids and their only grandchild are settled before they die (seriously, I’ve tried to walk away from this conversation but my mom just gets up and follows me!) (Plus my mom wants a nice, one story house to be in when she comes to spoil … er, visit …. her grandson.)

• Tax guy says to them “You should really buy real estate right now.”

• Jamie says, “I would love to buy a house, but I can’t come up with a down payment.

• Light bulb goes on.

• Fast forward several months during which time Jamie works with a Realtor only to learn that this market stinks because investors are snapping up all the smaller homes and paying cash. Jamie wants to live in an area with good schools, does not want to live on Rosedale Highway or in a house that backs up to a canal, and doesn’t qualify for a HUD home, so she is being picky. Realtor is patient.

• Side note: Realtor is tops in Kern County and talks nonstop. NONSTOP. NON FREAKING STOP! She’s nuts, but knows her business.

• Another side note: Jamie seems to have switched to writing in the third-person. Just thought she’d point that out.

• Realtor calls Jamie at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, May 16. She has a house she is selling that fell out of escrow and it would be perfect for her; 3+2 in Campus Park, right price range. “Come over and look at it now. Once I put it back on the active list, it will be gone.”

• Jamie leaves work to check it out. Jamie has awesome bosses.

• Jamie likes the house. It needs paint, some yard work, cabinets need to be refinished later on, a bathroom sink needs replacing, only major issue is the side fence is shot. Water runs, lights turn on, has ceiling fans in every room (score!), A/C works, and nothing is falling apart.

• Jamie calls mom, mom comes to Bakersfield the next day (oh, the joys of being retired!). Mom loves the house. Meets with local lender to see if she can match the same offer as the big bank they have already qualified with. They can, and the smaller lender will be able to complete escrow before 2014, which is nice.

• Dad is out of town for work, but will come up Sunday. Realtor is ecstatic that she can get the house sold before it falls into foreclosure. Realtor keeps ranting about the guy who was going to buy it and how he was so stupid for switching jobs while in escrow, blah, blah, blah. NON FREAKIN STOP.

• Mom and Dad arrive Sunday and dad goes right to work testing the output of all the electrical outlets. Seriously. Not even kidding.

• Lots of little fixes noted, but overall he’s good. Realtor heeds Jamie’s warning and does not talk nostop to dad.

• Everyone heads to Realtor’s office to sign paperwork.

• Offer submitted.


• Jamie’s stomach begins to ache.

• Dad says, “That Realtor could give a woodpecker a headache.”

• JJ asks if he can have a TV in his new room.

• Jamie says “no”.

• Jamie thanks mom and dad multiple times and realizes, once again, how truly lucky she is. Jamie has awesome family.

• • •


The offer should be accepted by the banks (there is a second on the house), since it is the same, exact offer that was previously accepted. My lease is up here at the end of July and I’m willing to go one more month to have some overlap, but I want JJ to start school at his new school and hopefully have a few weeks in the neighborhood to get to know some kids.

Now I have to start looking for a fridge and for a washer and dryer.

And more Tums.

• • •

Other updates:

JJ had a bad week attitude-wise and ended up grounded. Then he hit two homeruns in baseball on Saturday morning.

Totally sucked to have to keep him grounded after that!


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