Life happens

When I started this whole P90x deal, I made the commitment to do all 90 days. I want to see the results, so I have to do it all. I went into it knowing that the time commitment would be huge, and I have struggled with it each day.

But yesterday I was SO SO SO proud of myself for completing the first full week of P90x that I decided to take a day off.

No really, I took a day off. Seems like the wrong thing to do, I know. But here’s my reasoning: I had a billion things to do.

These workouts take a large chunk of time, especially when add in my full-time job and the whole single mom thing. Cuz, ya know, kids need love. And dinner.

So after working all day in the office, I went home and cooked a bunch of food for the week, cleaned the house, and filled out a crap-ton of paperwork required so I can teach a social media class at the local community college this fall. I was going nuts just knowing so much had to get done, so I took the time to do it knowing that I’ll jump back on P90x today.

I’m even thinking I’ll do seven days, then take a day off to get caught up, then back for the next seven days. Sounds reasonable, don’t you think?

It was definitely nice getting all the little things done last night … the paperwork, phone calls, emails, playing with the dogs, vacuuming … .

I also went up to my sons room and we hung out and built this


Tonight — after my workout — we plan to build the aqueduct. These soldiers need water, after all.


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