His imaginary world

When I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend. Her name was Sally and she lived in my mom’s jewelry box. If you asked me to describe her, I’d tell you she looked like the little Fischer-Price girl with a blue body and brown hair.

When my dad catches me talking to myself, I still tell him that’s who I’m talking to. Why not? He already thinks I’m nuts.

Over the years my son has had a few imaginary friends. But today, and I do mean today, he took to breathing some sort of life into his two favorite things.

Uh … ok. So this is his new BFF. If you’re thinking it looks like an iPad dressed in a football jersey and pants, you’re correct.

Totally need to find this kid some more friends … .

Then this evening he was up in his room building his civilization. Unfortunately, some soldiers decided to try to overthrow his regime.

They, apparently, must be roasted on a spit.

When I asked him about this punishment, he says, “That’s what you get for taking me on.”

So noted.

Also need to find him some non-war related hobbies.



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