Who in their right mind would want to be identified as “That Blond Mom”?

I’m not sure I ever aimed to be identified that way, but one day I overheard someone call me that, so here I am.

I’m a natural blond. A true towhead. I don’t color my hair, I swear. You can ask my cousin the hairdresser. It’s too much work to maintain it and I just like my hair to be fairly low-maintenance. I’m lazy like that. My company is remote, so I only put on make-up when I have to leave the house.

Blonds are becoming more and more scarce in this world, especially in the U.S. since it’s such a recessive gene. Blond hair is more commonly found in Europe. Did you know that being blond is actually a genetic mutation? Heh. My mom always said that when they made me they broke the mold. In the U.S. it’s been reported that only 7 percent of the adult population has naturally blond hair.

I’m in a select group and I love it. My dad is a blond and my mom is a red-head. Therefore I’m this:

Blond hair, blue eyes, and skin that fries in the sunlight.

And I’m not dumb (although it’s a running joke with friends that always gets a good laugh). I poke fun at myself and recognize my own blond moments.

Did you know that Alfred Hitchcock preferred to cast blond women for major roles in his films because he believed the audience would suspect them the least? Hence the term “Hitchcock blond”.

Yes, it bugs me that this stereotype has become so ingrained in society. Maybe that’s why I love the movie Legally Blonde in which Reese Witherspoon succeeds at Harvard despite all the biases against her. Plus I always like Reese Witherspoon movies. She’s so darn cute.

I’ve heard every blond joke there is, mostly from my dad. I do crack up at them because I’ve had some pretty good blond moments!

I’m a Valley girl at heart who is now living in the Central Valley, Bakersfield to be exact.

I’m a mother, a daughter, an ex wife and an ex girlfriend.

I’m still standing after all the crap life has thrown at me the past few years.

I’m a former journalist, former marathon running, and an (almost) former nail-biter.

I’m a digital marketer, a baseball mom, a constant eye-roller, and a lover of all things summer.

This site is about life — my life to be exact. Posts will be funny, photo-based, long-winded, and sometimes posted just to chronicle events. Because that’s life — long-winded, funny, sometimes boring, and all about the images stored in out memories.

And away we go …


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