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How does a blond tear her rotator cuff? Who the hell knows.

The take-away here is that I shouldn’t do housework, and I need more practice sleeping. The End. Continue reading


Days 3-6

You thought I flaked, didn’t you? Well, only on writing. I’ve done six days straight of P90X! (And am seriously looking forward to the stretching DVD tomorrow!) Day 3 – Shoulders and arms: LOVED it. Actually went and bought heavier weights since the 5 lb. ones I have were too light :) Day 4 – … Continue reading

Day 2 — My legs hate me

Today I learned that I am horribly uncoordinated with the left side of my body. Like that is the reason I don’t go to aerobics classes at the gym — because I’d embarrass myself. Today was cardio and it was definitely easier than Day 1. The issue was that my legs were already fatigued so … Continue reading